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Tic-Tac Tongue

Quick tongue out new table games (Athletic Chameleon)

Tic-Tac Tongue

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This Funny Catch Bugs Board Game turns family game night into a frantic out of the world scene when you and a fellow lickin’ lizard play this game. Both players in this superbly fun game wear chameleon mouth masks complete with extending red tongues and compete with one another.


Game of shooting tongues to knock the correct card first. Encourages and stimulates number recognition, coordination, imaginative play A game for friends and family.

Blow through the tube in the mask to shoot the tongue out Whoever knocks down the correct target card first wins the game Stimulates brain development in kids.



10 x Stand-UP Targets

10 x Game Cards

2 x chameleon masks (With 2 x mouthpieces and 2 x chameleon tongues)

1 x Game Rules


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